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More than 80 people received their National Awards yesterday when Guyana hosted its Investiture Ceremony.The proceedings kicked off with a series of musical renditions by the Guyana Police Force Band that was positioned in the balcony overlooking the large gathering. The multicoloured lighting blended nicely with the decor. They both completed the jovial mood that was being exhibited by attendees.At the beginning of every category, the respective insignia of each award was lowered over the stage. This was accompanied by drum rolls that echoed throughout the auditorium.The event was attended by Government Ministers, members of the Diplomatic Corps, members of the Private Sector and several representatives of Non-Governmental Organisations.Heading the list of National Awardees this year, were the Speaker of the National Assembly, Dr. Barton Scotland; and Senior Counsel Rex McKay. An honorary award was given to Barbados’ Prime Minister Freundel Stuart.They were invested with the Order of Roraima during yesterday’s Investiture Ceremony at the National Culture Centre. 86 outstanding Guyanese were honoured this year.Stuart’s award was for his dedication and commitment to the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and his unflinching support for the rights of Small Island Developing States.Rex McKay was awarded for his commitment and service to Guyana in the diplomatic,Wholesale Hockey Jerseys China, parliamentary and legal fields and in the public service.Cacique’s Crown of HonourTwenty-one persons and groups including Inderjeet Beharry, Director of Edward B. Beharry and Company Limited were bestowed with CCH.Also receiving this award for outstanding service to Guyana in the field of diplomacy was Ronald Austin.Paul Chan-A-Sue,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, Chairman of Food for the Poor Inc.was also on the list. He was awarded for long and outstanding service in the field of business and in the management of a major charitable institution.Robert Corbin, former Deputy Prime Minister and former Leader of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR), also received the CCH for his commitment and dedicated service in the field of politics.For her outstanding services in the administration of the law,Cheap Wholesale Jerseys, Chief Justice Yonette Cummings-Edwards also received this award.Golden Arrow of AchievementThirty persons were awarded with the Golden Arrow of Achievement. Making this list was Lawrence Anselmo,Cheap NFL Jerseys, for his unflinching commitment in the safeguarding of the rights of the Indigenous peoples of Guyana and his research in the Arecuna language.For her long and outstanding service as a music educator, Marilyn Dewar was also awarded the Golden Arrow of Achievement.Stanley Ming received this award for his unflagging commitment to the development of Guyana in the fields of business and infrastructure.Mahendra Persaud was also among the awardees for his outstanding research as a scientist in the rice industry resulting in high yielding varieties with consequential increased rice production.Medal of ServiceTwenty-six persons received the Medal of Service. Gladys Accra was awarded for her dedicated service over the past 20 years in caring for destitute children from all parts of the country; Robert Allicock, for his outstanding involvement in the establishment of the Iwokrama Rain Forest Project; Muacir Baretto, for long service in the fields of cooperatives, local government,Nike Air Vapor Max Flyknit Men, community development and farming in Region Nine (Upper Takatu/Upper Essequibo); Permanent Secretary of the Department of Public Service for his long and dedicated service as a public servant; and Shirley Klass, for her long, dedicated and outstanding service in the field of education, women’s affairs and politics were some of the recipients.Military Service MEDALTwo persons were awarded the Military Service Medal. These were Colonel Paul Arthur, for his distinguished service beyond the normal call of duty as an Officer in the Guyana Defence Force and Colonel Nazrul Hussain also for his distinguished service beyond the normal call of duty as an Officer in the Guyana Defence Force. DISCIPLINED SERVICES MEDALFour persons were awarded the Disciplined Services Medal. These were law-enforcers Maxine Graham, Brian Joseph, Bernadette Adams and Trevor Small. They were awarded for their sustained and dedicated service of a high order in the Guyana Police Force.Newly appointed Chief of Staff of the Guyana Defence Force,Cheap NFL Football Jerseys, Brig. George Allan Lewis was the recipient of the Military Service Star.

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