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標題: Wholesale Authentic Jerseys but monkey see monkey do [打印本頁]

作者: yueyrt19xS    時間: 2018-2-14 02:53     標題: Wholesale Authentic Jerseys but monkey see monkey do

When dem people protest in Egypt and dem topple Mubarak was big celebration.But Mubarak didn’t celebrate when dem banks tek back de money he tek from dem same people. He family try fuh lef de country and dem same people tell dem that de had to stay in Egypt.When Baby Doc lef Haiti dem foreign bank wheh he hide he money decide to seize de money.He couldn’t spend big. Today he gone back to Haiti and he want run fuh president again because he bruck. He going to jail.Dem have some people in Guyana who can end up like Mubarak and Baby Doc. Right now dem tekking like if dem don’t have no tomorrow.Everything is a tek suh till dem does get vex when anybody talk.Dem tek a man off de street and pay he a whole heap of money. When de man hear that is some jackass paying he decide to ride. Then he get knock off. Since he open he mouth is everybody jump pun he.But de man talk suh till Luncheon begging people not to listen.Dem boys seh that people stap listening to he long now. Luncheon call de man a scoundrel but dem boys seh that he Luncheon got more scoundrel wheh he wukking.If he tek off ee glasses he might see dem looking like squirrel instead of scoundrel.But dem boys seh that he got to beg dem same squirrels fuh put back wha dem tek.Dem can put it back quiet just like how dem tek de money from de Chinee company and buy laptop,Cheap Jerseys Outlet, or dem can mek nuff noise like when dem announce de Amaila Falls road project,Cheap Jerseys For Wholesale, Clico and de Sanata deal.And talking bout noise, dem boys seh that dem who tek nuff,Nike Air Max 98 Gundam For Sale, keeping quiet because dem frighten jail. People plan fuh jail dem.Yet dem building house. And de house deh in dem wife name, dem aunty name,Cheap NFL jerseys China, dem uncle,NFL Jerseys Authentic China, aja and mamoo. Some of dem put dem house in dem poowah and poopa CCH. De H stand fuh hole. When dem boys look dem collecting rent.But is not all of dem does thief. Dem have some good one. And dem don’t like wha going on.One of dem scoundrel thiefing laptop. He intend to sell back to de One Laptop Per Family programme. And Bharrat gun buy.That is thiefing two time,Cheap Jerseys From China, but monkey see monkey do, and he see he colleagues thiefing over and over.Talk half, lef half.

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