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The hunt for the suspect in the Corriverton domestic violence murder is overDavendra Hansraj (l) was captured by police after being on the run.with the arrest of the main suspect. The man who was on the run for close to three weeks was nabbed in a house in which he was hiding in a lonely area between Crabwood Creek and Moleson Creek.The police acting on certain information were able to swoop down on the premises around 16:30 hrs and surprise the culprit.The suspected, Davendra Hansraj,Cheap NFL Jerseys, 43, called ‘Dog Man’ was wanted for the murder of his reputed wife, Mohanranie Udaray, called ‘Sherry’,China Jerseys NFL Wholesale, 28. She was a mother of one of lot 17 Grant 1780 Crabwood Creek,Wholesale China Jerseys, Corentyne Berbice.The man had reportedly slipped out of the country and returned recently and was hiding out at the house in Upper Corentyne, when he was nabbed.The woman was found with a wound to her neck after she was allegedly involved in an argument with the man.  She was found lying in a pool of blood in an unconscious state.She hailed from the Black Bush Polder area and had been living with the man who is a boat captain on one of the small boats that ply the Corentyne River to Suriname.The couple had lived in the upper flat of a two-storey house.  According to neighbours the woman was the victim of constant domestic abuse. On the day in question around 17:30 hrs the couple was heard arguing. Neighbours did not pay much attention since it was a regular occurrence.Landlord,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, Zamalindeen Khan, who resides at the lower flat of the house,Cheap Womens Jordan Sneakers, had arrived home around 19:00 hrs.  He sat down to watch television and his curiosity was aroused when he noticed something dripping from the floor above.  Upon closer inspection he realized it was blood. The police was contacted.The woman was found lying with her face down in a pool of blood with a gaping wound to her neck.The woman had gone to Georgetown to conduct some business for her daughter Riya. It was that visit that led to the argument. It was upon her returned that the argument erupted. The child did not sleep at home on the night in question. She went to her biological father’s home.A post mortem examination performed on the woman’s body,Cheap Air Max 95, by Dr. Vivekanand Bridgemohan at the Skeldon Hospital showed that she died from asphyxiation, lack of oxygen due to blood in her lungs and stab wound to the neck.

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