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作者: yueyrt19xS    時間: 2018-4-16 18:00     標題: China Jerseys Cheap Sergeant Matthew Hall

Five members of the Florida National Guard are in Guyana engaged in training members of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) as well as employees of the Civil Defence Commission and police in disaster managementPresident David Granger engages members of the Florida National Guard including Captain Christopher Hill, Staff Sergeant Anthony Lopes,wholesale nfl jerseys, Sergeant Matthew Hall, Sergeant First Class, Shannon Brasweoll and Sergeant First Class, Alden Morrow.and search and rescue procedures in case of and during natural disasters.The team including Sergeant First Class,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, Shannon Brasweoll met with President David Granger yesterday after the commissioning parade of the Officers of Standard Officers’ course #48 at the Officers mess hall,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Base Camp Ayanganna.Led by Captain Christopher Hill,Cheap Jerseys Store, the team arrived in Guyana on Sunday, and has been conducting training sessions with the GDF and the Police to equip them with the skills necessary for these activities.Sergeant First Class, Shannon Brasweoll said that the team is in Guyana through the State Partnership Programme. “We are working with the Guyana Defence Force and key players like the Police,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, with the Coast Guard, Air [Corps] and training them in emergency operations techniques; how they should respond during any natural disasters or any disaster in Guyana. We are providing the training and information.”The team also includes Staff Sergeant Anthony Lopes,Cheap NFL jerseys China, Sergeant Matthew Hall and Sergeant First Class Alden Morrow and the training is scheduled to conclude in a few days time.

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