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作者: yueyrt19xS    時間: 2018-5-17 02:54     標題: Cheap NHL Jerseys one Honda water pump

A gang of heavily armed men wearing masks were forced to abandon a major fuel heist in the Berbice River after their getaway boat was deliberately rammed by a tug last week Tuesday.The men were in the process of stealing the fuel from a foreign registered bauxite transporting vessel,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, ‘Vulgar’ which was anchored at the Oldendorf Transshipment Basin at the mouth of the Berbice River.The men,China NBA Jerseys, who numbered 11,NFL Jerseys China, had already tied up the two security guards and had proceeded to use a pump to load the fuel from the ocean-going bauxite vessel into their tanks which were mounted into another boat that they had moored alongside the ‘Vulgar’.In all, the bandits used three boats, two of which transported them to the target.According to reports,NFL Jerseys China Online, the men had held the security guards at gunpoint and had threatened to shoot them if they raised an alarmThe Oldendorf Company which is responsible for shipping and storing bauxite has a number of tug and pilot boats that are also moored in the basin,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, but approximately one mile (1.6km) away.As the armed bandits were conducting their operation, the captain of one of the tugs observed what was taking place and after receiving confirmation, went into action.He sailed his tug and rammed the boat that contained the tanks that the fuel was being pumped into causing it to break and sink, throwing the bandits who were manning it into the river.Upon seeing that they were encountering resistance and sensing that their getaway would have been made difficult,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, the bandits hurriedly abandoned their mission and fled in the two remaining boats.The police were informed and responded immediately.They recovered five lengths of hose that were being used by the bandits, one Honda water pump, various fittings and tools which the bandits were forced to leave behind.The two large tanks were also recovered and later checks revealed that the thieves had already pumped 11,400 litres of fuel from the ‘Vulgar’.Subsequent investigations led to the arrest of five men who were later released on $50,000 bail each. The probe continues.

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